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Full Setup: for installing on a computer for the first time.
Update: for updating an existing installation.
Version: – Jan 2, 2023 – Change History

All executable files (installer and application) are digitally signed.

Have you registered your product?

The Express, Standard and Premium editions will ask for your registration details on first launch. Register here for your free 30 day trial. As of Version 5.2, the Personal edition can be downloaded and installed without registration.

Installing an Update?

We recommend installing any software updates at a non-critical time to allow suitable testing to be performed without the pressure of a live event.

Presenter Version 5 Personal Edition FREE No registration required.
Full Setup 47 Mb Presenter_Personal_Setup_5-2-23-102.exe
Update 41 Mb Presenter_Personal_Update_5-2-23-102.exe
Presenter Version 5 Express Edition Register here for free 30 day trial.
Full Setup 79 Mb Presenter_Express_Setup_5-2-23-102.exe
Update 73 Mb Presenter_Express_Update_5-2-23-102.exe
Presenter Version 5 Standard Edition Register here for free 30 day trial.
Full Setup 146 Mb Presenter_Standard_Setup_5-2-23-102.exe
Update 74 Mb Presenter_Standard_Update_5-2-23-102.exe
Presenter Version 5 Premium Edition Register here for free 30 day trial.
Full Setup 147 Mb Presenter_Premium_Setup_5-2-23-102.exe
Update 83 Mb Presenter_Premium_Update_5-2-23-102.exe

Download Bible Modules

Published Bible Modules

These translations are available for purchase. They are compatible with both Version 4 and 5.

ESV 2016 - English Standard Version
MSG - The Message
NASB - New American Standard Bible (Includes LBLA & NBLH Spanish translations)
NIV - New International Version
NIrV - New International Readers Version
TPT - The Passion Translation


Public Domain Bible Modules

These Bible modules are provided for free for Presenter 4 users. To install, download and save into the
C:\Program Files\Presenter 4\Scripture folder, then restart Presenter 4.
All P4BBL files approx 1Mb in size

For Presenter 5 (Standard and Premium), Bible modules install directly from the Scripture tab within the program.
If your media system is not connected to the Internet, you can install manually:
- Download P4BBL file
- Transfer to media PC and save into the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Presenter5\Bibles folder
- Rename P4BBL extension to PrBBL
- Restart Presenter 5

American Standard Version ASV.P4BBL
Chinese Union Version CUV.P4BBL
Darby Bible DBY.P4BBL
Indonesian Terjemahan Baru ITB.P4BBL
LSG (French) Version LSG.P4BBL
Portuguese Version PTV.P4BBL
Portuguese Version (Almeida Revista e Atualizada) ARA.P4BBL
Schlachter 1951 - Deutsch New Testament 1 NTSch51.P4BBL
Spanish Revised Version 1960 RVR.P4BBL
Tamil Bible 2
Textus Receptus Greek (NT) TRG.P4BBL
Ukrainian Bible UKR.P4BBL
Young's Literal Translation YLT.P4BBL

  1. Schlachter 1951 Copyright © 1951 Genfer Bibelgesellschaft made available under license with the kind permission of the Geneva Bible Society
  2. Tamil Zip package includes P4BBL file, Bamini font and ReadMe file with installation instructions.

Download Song Lyrics

A large collection of song lyrics are included with Presenter. These links may include updates to add to your collection. See also the  complete index of song titles.

Collection of Traditional Hymns (4200) OldHymns.exe
Hillsong Albums (Updated Aug 2017)


Includes songs from:

A Beautiful Exchange Blessed Cornerstone
For All You've Done Faith, Hope, Love For This Cause
Glorious Ruins God Is Able God He Reigns
Hope Mighty to Save Saviour King
This is Our God You Are My World United Live: Aftermath
United Live: All of the Above United Live: Best Friend United Live: More Than Life
United Live: Look to You United Live: United We Stand United Live: Zion


Songs under copyright are made available with the kind permission of the copyright owner. We support the role of Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) in honouring the copyright owner of songs. If you do not have a CCLI license and would like know more about this service, please visit the CCLI web site. If you have copyright cleared songs you are willing to make available for other churches, please contact us.

Download Dictionaries

Presenter comes pre-installed with the US, UK, AU and KJV (King James English) dictionaries accessed by the song lyric editor. The following dictionaries are free to add to your system. They are compatible with both Presenter Version 4 and 5.
To install for Presenter 4, download and save into the C:\Program Files\Presenter 4\Dictionaries folder.
To install for Presenter 5, download and save into the C:\Users\Public\Documents\Presenter5\Dictionaries folder.
Restart Presenter then activate dictionary via the spelling options.

Afrikaan afrikaans.adm
Brazilian Portuguese brazport.adm
Czech czech.adm
Danish danish.adm
Dutch dutch.adm
Estonian estonian.adm
Finnish finnish.adm
French french.adm

German GT_Neu.adm
Italian italian.adm
Hungarian magyar.adm
Norwegian norwegian.adm
Portuguese portuguese.adm
Russian russian.adm
Spanish spanish.adm
Swedish swedish.adm

Download Previous Versions

Past versions of Presenter are provided here for existing customers. Please contact us if you need to recover your registration details.

Presenter Version 5.1 (Archived. Latest version listed above is recommended)
V5.1 Personal: Full Setup 42 Mb Presenter_Personal_Setup_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Personal: Update 36 Mb Presenter_Personal_Update_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Express: Full Setup 69 Mb Presenter_Express_Setup_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Express: Update 36 Mb Presenter_Express_Update_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Standard: Full Setup 136 Mb Presenter_Standard_Setup_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Standard: Update 38 Mb Presenter_Standard_Update_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Premium: Full Setup 233 Mb Presenter_Premium_Setup_5-1-20-709.exe
V5.1 Premium: Update 142 Mb Presenter_Premium_Update_5-1-20-709.exe
Presenter Version 4
Version 4 30 Mb Presenter_Setup_4-3-11-916.exe
Version 4 User Guide (pdf) 11 Mb
Presenter Version 3
Version 3 Standard 2.4 Mb Presenter_Full_3-2-7-1220.exe
Version 3 Standard Multi-language program EXE 1.4Mb
Version 3 Express 1.4 Mb Presenter_Express_3-2-7-1220.exe
Presenter Version 2
Version 2 2.1d 580 Kb pr21d.exe

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