So how does the registration work?

These guidelines breakdown each step of the process for all paid editions.

1 Try Presenter for free

Review the features and select the Presenter Edition you would like to try out. Registration links are provided with each description. No credit card details are required.

Check your inbox for your complimentary trial registration (1 month) and installation instructions.

Enjoy the free trial of Presenter for 30 days.

2 Purchase Presenter

Ready to purchase? Head over to the  Pricing page to choose your preferred edition and select the Buy Now button at the bottom of the table.

Enter your details and discount coupon, and confirm Buy Now to enter your payment details.

3 And.... Action!

Once payment has been processed, you will receive an email to activate your official registration. That's it!

4 Ongoing Support

Your initial purchase includes 12 months of support and updates. Your registration is perpetual (non expiring).

After 12 months you can continue to use the latest version of Presenter that was available when your registration expired, or you can renew for another 12 months and continue getting updates and support. The renewal cost is just 20% of the initial purchase. We will send you an email reminder when your subscription is due for renewal.

Please let us know if your email changes!

Remember, help is at hand...

  • Avail yourself of the latest updates as they become available. Presenter will let you know if you are connected to the Internet. Otherwise, check back here whenever you like. All updates are free with an active registration!
  • The Introduction slides which were shown the first time Presenter was started are available for review from the Help menu.
  • The Online User Guide, with an equivalent offline (CHM) version are also accessible from the Help menu.
  • FAQ and support articles are provided in the knowledge base
  • Still have a question? You can Contact Us at any time.

Returns Policy

Our aim is for Presenter to be a product that you will enjoy using and be proud of owning. We appreciate that to become familiar with any software can take time. Media related software, in particular, may involve additional tasks such as installing codec packs in order to test different video formats.

For this reason we encourage you to take advantage of the free evaluation with all editions as outlined above. We welcome enquiries during this time to resolve any set up or operational questions.

Once payment has been made and your registration details have been issued, we are unable to offer a refund.