In Version 3, when I select the options screen to be displayed, nothing appears to happen. It does not appear.

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Presenter remembers the location of the Options window so it will be displayed, but it may be off the visible area of the desktop. This most likely occurs after changing the monitor positions in the display settings. A quick manual change in the configuration file should fix this:

  1. Close Presenter
  2. Explore “My Computer” and browse to the Presenter folder. Typically, C:\Present3 or C:\Pres3Express
  3. Locate and double-click to open the configuration file (Presentr.INI or PresExpress.INI) in Notepad
  4. Look for the line containing [Options]
  5. Below this should be two lines: Top=<number> and Left=<number>
  6. Delete these two lines. (Don’t delete the [Options] line)
  7. Save and close the INI file
  8. Restart Presenter and select Options. It should appear in the default location on the primary monitor