Our media computer is not connected to the Internet. How do I install or register Presenter?

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You can download Presenter from any Internet enabled computer – then copy the install file across via a USB memory drive.
Steps in detail:

  1. Navigate to the download page and save the install file to a known location on your computer. (eg. My Desktop or My Downloads)
  2. Open the file explorer and locate the Presenter setup file
  3. Insert a thumbnail drive to a spare USB port and check that it assigns a new drive letter
  4. Select the Presenter setup file and type Ctrl-C (copy)
  5. Locate thumbnail drive in the file explorer and type Ctrl-V (paste)
  6. Check that the Presenter setup file is now listed on the thumbnail drive
  7. Select the menu option to safely remove USB drive (usually in the task bar tray area)
  8. Remove the USB drive and plug into the destination media computer
  9. Open the USB drive in the file explorer
  10. Locate the Presenter setup file and double-click to launch the setup. (You can copy to the media computer first if you wish, but that is not required.)

Registration details are issued by email. Once received, you can save the email as a text file and transfer it in the same manner as above. You can then copy and paste the registration details as per the supplied instructions.