Presenter 4.2

We are excited to announce the immediate availability of Presenter Version 4.2. This is a free update for all existing 4.x users.

See below and accompanying news items for more details and screen shots.

UPDATE: October 11, 2010 (Build 1011) Repositioned browser search field

Version 4.2 is a significant update with over 50 new and improved features.

    • Song Lyrics
      • Drag ‘n drop background images into song preview
      • Sequence line update in output
      • New comment tag

Details and screen shots here

    • Image Folders
      • Support for Powerpoint remote devices (ie. use remote to present image slide show)
    • Powerpoint
      • Assign output for image in the preview panel
      • Timing and auto play settings
      • Detect and turn off “Blank slide at end” option
      • Improved support for Powerpoint remote devices
      • Added slide count prompt on foldback display

Details and screen shots here

    • DVD
      • Added title, menu and restore control buttons
      • Added menu navigation buttons
      • Chapter start and auto play settings
      • Enhanced direct mouse support
      • One step “Quick play” option to load and start a DVD
      • Improved error handling

Details and screen shots here

    • Browser
      • Revised toolbar for easier navigation, song lyric editing and selection
      • New: Launch Windows explorer option
      • Added modified timestamp to file detail view (also in CSV export)

Details and screen shots here

    • Running Sheet
      • Select individual outputs for each item
      • Added context menu for: Edit, Remove & “Open containing folder”
      • Display of extra timing (start/stop) information

Details and screen shots here

    • Foldback countdown
      • New format options to show seconds and add parentheses
      • Time now resets to 10 mins
    • Miscellaneous Improvements
      • Add CCLI song no. to item list export
      • Control window positions now saved between sessions
      • Cache is now cleared on startup
      • File extensions MKV, MKA and M4A now recognised
      • Hillsong and C3 songs added
      • Online help updated
  • Plus many other minor bug fixes and improvements

Feel free to try out the beta release and please let us know if you encounter any problems.  Download now