Presenter 5 Preview is Now Available

We are excited to announce that the pre-release (beta) version of Presenter 5 is now available.

UPDATE: Nov 02, 2017 – New build is now available.

Five Editions

Presenter 5 will be available in five editions to best cater for a wide range of requirements. Details of features will be made available soon. For now, here’s a quick overview…

Personal Edition
Simple, no fuss lyric control… and it will be FREE!
Pre-release ETA: November 2017
Express Edition
Adds background image and on-demand message support.
Pre-release ETA: November 2017
Standard Edition
Lyrics, images, PPT, video, audio, Scripture (Bible modules) support. A host of browser and run sheet features. Main and Stage outputs with clock and timers. Plus many more popular features intended to fulfil the requirements of a majority of users.
Pre-release ETA: Now
Premium Edition
The works! Integrated browser. Youtube playback. Six, yes, 6 separately configurable output regions. For advanced users.
Pre-release ETA: Late 2017
Studio Edition
The works, just like the Premium edition, but without Scripture support and worship related content. This is intended for the business and corporate market.
Pre-release ETA: Late 2017

Why the Beta Release?

There are a few reasons for this:

  • To give customers an opportunity to try out the latest version as soon as possible.
  • To identify any problems that might occur on different system configurations.
  • To receive feedback for potential improvements.

In addition:

  • There will be frequent updates which we encourage all users to access. Notification of an upgrade is included right within the application.
  • Documentation at this stage is in the form of a brief overview. Detailed help along with video tutorials are on their way.


  • Can I install this along side a previous version of Presenter?
    Yes. This is considered a separate application as far as Windows is concerned. It will also install sample media in an independent location in the Public Documents folder.
  • Can I use this for live events?
    Yes, but with extra care, particularly with the early releases.
  • What are the requirements for video playback?
    Presenter 5 uses the same DirectShow technology as Version 4. However, V5 also includes support for VLC (VideoLAN), which may be a preferred option. Details on testing and setting up both are included in the program configuration: Options > Advanced > Video
  • More Q&As are included in the introduction help.


Version 5 will be available with a subscription pricing model, which means a low, annual payment for continuous updates and support. We will post details of this very soon. As per previous releases, all licenses for NPO (not-for-profit organisations) will be site based allowing multiple installations. Commercial use will be on a per-seat basis. A special introductory price is assured! As you will notice above, we are making the Personal Edition completely free.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows 10 Home or Professional edition
    Platform: Win32 or Win64
    NB: Compatibility with earlier Windows versions is likely but not fully tested.
  • Processor: Dual core @ 2.4 GHz (i5 or i7 Intel processor or equivalent AMD)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Display: Desktop system with dual-head graphics adaptor, or
    laptop with external display adaptor
    Support for DirectX9 or higher
  • Additional graphics adaptor if 3+ displays are required
  • Primary control screen size depends on Presenter Edition:
    Personal, Express: 1024×768 (min) 1280×1024 or higher (recommended)
    Standard, Premium, Studio: 1440×1024 (min) 1680×1050 or higher (recommended)
  • Secondary (output) screen size: Any up to HD (1920×1080)
    NB: We have not tested 4K as yet
  • Internet connection (recommended)

Getting Started (First time only)

  1. Download the installation file here: Presenter_Standard_Setup_5-0-17-1102.exe
    Note: This weighs in at 112MB since it includes sample media files. The setup includes both Win32 and Win64 platforms. The appropriate one will be installed according to your Operating System.
  2. Contact us for a free registration key. You will need this when you start Presenter for the first time. (The program will not run without it.)

Upgrading from an Earlier Beta

  • Download the upgrade installation file here: Presenter_Standard_Update_5-0-17-1102.exe (16MB)
  • Run the installer to upgrade your existing version. This should not be used for a new installation!