Presenter 5 is Now Available

We are excited to announce that Presenter 5 is now available… along with our brand new web site.

If you pointed your browser to, you’ll notice that the address bar now says This is our new home! We have new emails as well, but have retained the old domain so your emails will still reach us.

Feel free to have a browse and check out the features of all the Version 5 editions, screen shots and comparison chart, which includes Version 3 and 4 for our existing customers.

If you’re looking to upgrade, here’s a quick snapshot…

Version 3 Express to Version 5 Personal

Displaying song lyrics

Version 3 Standard Version 5 Express

Displaying song lyrics with background images

Version 4 Standard Version 5 Standard

Displaying lyrics, images, video, PPT and other media on a maximum of two outputs (main and stage/foldback)

Version 4 Standard Version 5 Premium

Displaying lyrics, images, video, PPT and other media on three outputs (main, stage/foldback and O2)

Version 4 Standard Version 5 Premium

Displaying a cross section of media but needing more outputs, YouTube support or other Premium features.

We have adopted a subscription model which provides a much lower entry price point, an assurance of ongoing updates along with the flexibility to switch editions as your needs change. Your subscription starts with a free 30 day trial. Pricing is available in USD and AUD. The subscription process is explained here.

Whether you decide to use Presenter or not, you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and stay in touch.

Footnote: Our earlier announcement included reference to a Studio edition. That hasn’t gone away. We’ll make that available for the commercial market at a later date. For now, we want to focus on the not-for-profit church and education users.